Possible tuberculosis case surfaces at Glenn Hills High School

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Update:

The new school year in Richmond County has just begun but some Glenn Hills High School parents are already scared to send their teens to school after a student is suspected to have come down with tuberculosis.

"We didn't get anything. I haven't heard anything," said Samantha Moss, a parent.

Moss said she is appalled at how the high school has handled this possible case.

"I was shocked because normally they would call us and tell us everything else, or we would get a recording, saying whatever," Moss said.

The Richmond County Health Department told us a student at the high school appeared to have tuberculosis like symptoms last week but as of Wednesday morning, parents like Moss say they knew nothing about it.

"Obviously they're not handling it correctly because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only parent that is aware of," said Moss.

So, Moss took matters into her own hands, making sure her son was safe.

"I called my doctor, to set up an appointment so he can be tested."

Emmitt Walker with the Richmond County Health Department says parents should rest assured they are handling the situation properly.

"Where we are right now, is a very good thing because we just found out last week, we've already made the appropriate contacts, with the suspect's family and the suspect," Walker said. "The school has and continues to compile a list of all of those students that had contact, direct contact."

Officials said it takes about two days to read results of a TB skin test to confirm whether someone has TB or not.

Officials said to help prevent tuberculosis first look for symptoms like coughing, fever, loss of weight or appetite.

To prevent the spread of tuberculosis, avoid being in small enclosed rooms with anyone who has active TB until the person has been treated for 2 weeks and use protective measures like face masks if you work or live with someone who has TB.


Richmond County health officials have confirmed a Glenn Hills High School student is being tested for tuberculosis.

The official stressed infection has not been confirmed. The test takes 48 hours to evaluate in a state laboratory.

Parents will be getting letters today from the school, according to the health official.