Arrested school custodian Reginald Price fired, parents want answers

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Parents were looking for answers outside the Richmond County School Board Tuesday night, after a custodian arrested on sex charges last week was fired.

Reginald Price was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of felony sexual battery, after allegations were investigated that Price inappropriately touched a 13 year-old girl this month.

The school board is now looking into a second case involving Price that happened in 2012, but outraged parents are demanding the school board tell them what the procedure was on firing him.

The mother of the alleged 2012 victim told Fox 54 her daughter's case was never investigated fully, until now.

Price was working at Murphy Middle School at the time.

He was then transferred to C.T. walker

She and other outraged parents want the board to explain why price was transferred then and fired now.

The Richmond County School board went into executive session at eight Tuesday night.

Protestors were also marching for changes to the bus system. Currently, Richmond County does not bus to or from their alternative school, the Tubman Education Center.

According to the school's website, bussing is a privilege and children sent to the alternative school have lost that.