EXCLUSIVE: Plane crash in Blythe has residents on edge

EXCLUSIVE: Plane crash in Blythe has residents on edge

"We walked in the door and I slammed it shut. My daughter said, "What was that sound?" I said it was me, slamming the door shut. She said no, it was a plane crashed out there."

That Boulineau Road resident didn't want to be identified, but said he didn't believe a plane had crashed into his backyard until he walked outside and saw it.

Two people were crawling from a single engine plane; a young girl and her dad, cut and bruised, but alive.

"He said he thought the wind got under one of his wings and rolled him a little bit. She just had a terrible bruise on her head. It looked about the size of a tangerine. The guy had cuts on his face and the one on his hairline was the worst."

Officials told Fox 54 the two people in that plane are Allen Nodorft and his daughter, Carmen. Both were treated and released for minor injuries from Georgia Regents Medical Center.

As for neighbors, they are still in shock at what could have been.

"Right before the crash, my grandson and I were standing near the tree the plane hit. We were arguing about not going in the house, but finally I convinced him to come inside."

The man said he wishes he could move the nearby Pea Patch Aerodrome field, so he doesn't have to worry about his grandkids playing outside.

"I just wish we could do something about the tactics they do over the weekends they wouldn't fly over our house."

Neighbor Kay Davis said Nodorft was coming in from Thomson for a fly in.

"They have a meeting every now and then. They'll cookout, fly their planes and do all kinds of stunts. It's like an air show."

A little too close for comfort for neighbors, but they're just thankful Nodorft and his daughter are going to be okay.

WFXG has learned the FAA could be revisiting the crash site as soon as Tuesday, September 17.