Bomb threat at Kimberly-Clark mill in Beech Island


It was 12:20 in the afternoon Sunday, when authorities said a call about a bomb threat came into Aiken County Dispatch.

Aiken County Sheriff's Office Captain Eric Abdullah said "Right now, we're still currently investigating. We are currently conducting a search. The entire building has been evacuated with all the employees and they have all been accounted for."

The threat emptied the building into the parking lot as the fire department came in to search.

"This place has more than a million square feet under one roof, so it's going to take some time," Captain Abdullah said.

But the holdup didn't just affect workers. It affected people down the street, like neighbor Jimmy Griffin.

Griffin is a welder, who does work with the plant and said he's scared this could slow down his pay.

"I was kind of worried. We don't need that attention being brought down here. That scares other plants, makes them lock down and then you have a lot of people not making money."


Aiken County crews are on the scene at Kimberly-Clark's Beech Island Mill after reports of a bomb threat.

Aiken County Sheriff's Captain Eric Abdullah said all employees of the plant were being evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Sheriff's Office officials were searching the premises to evaluate the risk of the threat.

As this time, the nature of the threat is not being disclosed.