GRU basketball team plays baseball with the Miracle League

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - KJ Sherrill said he is excited for the upcoming basketball season at GRU.

"This year is a big year for me because I sat out last year," Sherrill said. "I'm looking forward to this year. With the team that we have, we have high expectations and we are looking to make some noise."

But on Saturday morning, the senior criminal justice major tackled a different sport - baseball.

"I played growing up but once I started growing taller, I stuck to basketball," said Sherrill.

Sherrill and his teammates were not just playing the game but volunteering with Augusta's Miracle League, which helps disabled children play America's favorite past time.

"I'm thankful. It's a blessing to help out with the kids and help out with the community," Sherrill said.

The Miracle League games are played on the Miracle Field, a special field designed to prevent any injuries if a player falls down and on this particular Saturday, no score was kept.

"It's just a program for them to get out here and give parents a chance to be a parent and kids actually participates in sports, which they usually don't get to do on a daily basis," said Rina White, the sports coordinator for the YMCA.

There are about 20 players this fall but many more in the spring. The YMCA says it takes the work of volunteers like Sherrill and his teammates to keep this program running.