All Aiken County schools upgrading security

Coming out of Aiken High is now easier than getting in because they have a new security system on guard.

Carol Bond, the parent of a junior at Aiken High, knows she can't watch over her daughter while she's in school. She says knowing a new camera buzzer system is in place makes her feel more secure.

"With all the shootings that have happened and people that are doing crazy things it's good to know that somebody can't get by with a gun or knives or whatever," Bond, said.

The principal of Aiken High Garen Cofer says they installed the camera buzzer system because a lot of foot traffic goes in and out of their doors.

The school used to be public access; but now when people try to enter the school they have to call in.

School officials are then able to get a good look at who is buzzing the school through a camera and they will decide if they will unlock the doors.

"We have adults that sometimes come in and out of the buildings and those are the ones that we don't know or recognize. I think this system really gets a handle on who we don't see or recognize on a daily basis," said Cofer.

Bond says the camera buzzer system could become inconvenient because nearly 1,500 students attend Aiken High.

"It makes it more inconvenient. If it was going crazy like people getting on airplanes, they've gone a little too far than I wouldn't be for it," she said.

However, she's for it because she thinks the longer wait time at the door is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings her.

"To keep our kids safe, this is a great decision," Bond, said.

The system is only in place at the school's front door; Cofer says they may add the buzzer cameras at other entrances as well.

Aiken County School District officials say they'll try to install the security systems at the rest of their schools by Christmas break.

School officials weren't able to say how much the systems will cost them. But they say it's covered in their budget so there shouldn't be any extra expenses.