Convenience store catches 7 fake money orders in 2 days

Convenience store catches 7 fake money orders in 2 days

In the past two days Nicole Gray, a store clerk at WaWa Express, says 7 people tried to cash in fake money orders worth $500 each.

Gray says she's worked at the convenience store on Jefferson Davis Highway three years and until now she hasn't seen a counterfeit money order.

According to an Aiken County incident report, when Gray confronted a man about trying to cash in a counterfeit money order Wednesday, the suspect ran out of the store.

Including the suspects fake money order, the clerks at WaWa Express have caught $3,500 of counterfeit money orders in 48 hours.

In a statement, Capt. Eric Abdullah of the Aiken County Sheriff's Office said, "We're concerned and trying to investigate as thoroughly as possible. If you suspect someone of having a counterfeit money order, try to get as many details as possible about the suspect so we can find them and put a stop to it."

The Sheriff's Office hasn't arrested anyone yet or found where people may be getting the fake money orders.

Gray says the counterfeit money orders they caught at the store used legitimate money order paper. She says they knew they were fakes because there were spelling errors printed onto the paper.

Abdullah says another way to check if a money order is counterfeit is to call the company that issued the money order, give them the order's number and they'll tell you if it's real.