Man sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping woman, child

Man sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping woman, child

"The sentence that I must impose under the statute is Life in Prison," said Judge Roper.

Those are the words Ashley Nay wanted to hear, as Judge Roper handed down a life sentence to Leonard Sapp, 42, Tuesday afternoon.

"I think he's going to be there for a while, I'm happy," Nay said after the hearing.

Last October Sapp shoved Nay and her daughter into a car. She says he threatened to rape her and put a knife to her daughter's throat.  Iguana Mills, who was in the neighborhood at the time, heard Nay's cry for help, and rescued her and her daughter.

"I am VERY thankful she was there to help me," Nay said.

Mills has come to every court hearing to support Nay.

"He got life, he's never getting out without a possibility of parole so she shouldn't have any more worries of him," Mills said.

Nays eyes never left Sapp through the hearing. She says she's become more cautious since the attack.

"I sit in my house with my daughter, and I refuse to go out anymore. I just don't," Nay said.

 But Nay says she knows she'll never have to see Sapp again, as she prepares to put this whole thing behind her.

Sapp was also sentenced to 20 years in prison for kidnapping a child, and another 12 months for driving under the influence. In a trial in June, Sapp was found not guilty for Attempted Rape charges and Possession of a knife during the commission of a crime.