Group protests US military involvement in Syria

Group protests US military involvement in Syria

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A sign written in big, bold letters reading "Bombs Won't Help Syria" in his hands, Caleb Hornsby stood at the corner of 15th street with a message for drivers.

"There's no such thing as humanitarian missile strikes," he said.

He wasn't the only one holding a sign that supported that opinion.

A handful of people involved in the CRSA Peace Alliance met at the corner of Walton Way and 15th Street Tuesday afternoon.

They believe the United States has no business getting involved in Syria's civil war.

The Obama Administration says evidence proves chemical weapons were used to kill more than 1,000 Syrian civilians. The administration believes Syrian President Bashar al Assad is responsible and the U.S. should hold him accountable.

Hornsby thinks his responsibility is to people in the CSRA who don't understand how much is at stake.

"Right now they're apathetic about the issue and some don't even know what's going on," Hornsby, said.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State, says American troops won't be on the ground when it comes to the civil war.

Instead, the president is looking to Congress to approve action that would prevent the Syrian government from using chemical weapons again.

South Carolina U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham believes the U.S. needs to take action quickly.

"If we fail in Syria, if we fail to stand up for the right thing and to send the right messages the whole region is going to go down in flames," said Graham.

Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain said, "A "no" vote on this resolution would have a very damaging effect on the United States credibility in the world."

While the President is trying to convince Congress to back US involvement, Hornsby hopes to convince anyone listening it's not worth it.

"Hopefully the decision will be no," he said.

Congress is on summer recess.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says a panel could vote Wednesday on a resolution about U.S. military intervention in Syria.