Col. Co. to spend millions on making roadways safer for students

Col. Co. to spend millions on making roadways safer for students

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Columbia County engineers plan to pour millions of dollars into sidewalks and intersections to make roadways safer for students.

Matt Schlachter, the director of engineering services, says they're planning many projects to connect schools to neighborhoods with sidewalks.

He hopes to complete about 7 road projects by the end of 2014 with some help from the DOT.

"The funds are coming in now, we get a check about every month from the DOT and at this time we have about a million dollars that was sent to us," said Schlachter.

He says the TSPOLST fund will grow to $20 million in 10 years and he says they want to start using the money immediately to join subdivisions to schools.

"We understand there are a lot of kids who are walking to school, we want to keep those kids out of the road, keep them out of the tall grass. Give them a nice, safe place to walk and make it much better for traffic so they're not looking for kids on the road because they're safe," he said.

The first two sidewalk projects they have planned are on Conn Drive and Blue Ridge Drive.

Then they'll start improving turn lanes and intersections, such as William Few Parkway, Old Evans Road, and Hereford Farm Road.

Before they can get started on the projects, they need final approval from Commissioners Tuesday.

If they receive the green light, Schlachter says they should be able to finish the first two sidewalk projects by the end of the year.