Commissioner reacts to possible local election changes

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Commissioner Alvin Mason said he has some concerns.

"I am concerned about the change in the elections and the potential change in the local elections," Mason said.

The Richmond County board of elections presented possible changes in elections dates to commissioners on Wednesday.

"The federal election will be in May and that's just a couple of month earlier than normal," Mason began. "That could create a problem, considering two months later, we would have primaries here in Georgia, if that remains the same."

State elections could be moved to match the federal elections date.

"Perhaps there will be a time when, historically, less people vote and if the idea is to have more people participate in the process, moving the elections from November to July or either May is not something I would advocate for," Mason continued.

Some members of the community agree with Mason.

"The primary being changed from July to May, yes, that's going to be a challenge," said Dr. Charles Smith, president of the Augusta chapter of the NAACP.

"The NAACP will be challenging that," Smith continued.

Monique Braswell is running for a seat on the school board next year but she doesn't believe the possible changes will change much.

"I think that people will take all the necessary actions that they need in order to have their voice heard and vote," Braswell said.

The change in election dates will only come if the state assembly moves the primaries back.