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SUSD board reacts to flier targeting Hernandez

The flier that circulated around the community this week. The flier that circulated around the community this week.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The top leader of the Sunnyside School District apologized tonight to a school board member who was targeted for his sexual orientation.

The hate-filled flier has been circulating among residents in the Sunnyside School District as a recall effort is underway.

The flier says "Put a real man on the Sunnyside school board," and "We don't need someone who hates our values."

Every single person on the school board tonight said they outraged by this flier, including Superintendant Dr. Manuel Isquierdo, who personally apologized to Hernandez for having to deal with this.

"All I want to do is apologize to the board and to a particular board member who was targeted," Isquierdo said. "I am sad and sorry this is happening. I hope we can all continue to move forward."

Board member and January 8th shooting survivor Hernandez is one of four board members facing a recall petition. It all started with a split vote on this board to extend the contract of Isquierdo. The two men who support the superintendent are trying to recall the two who do not.

Despite the tension on the board, all of the board members say hate-filled fliers like this one really hit below the belt.

The flier indicates it was created by the Sunnyside Recall Committee. Tucson News Now went straight to the guy who is in charge of that organization.

When asked if the recall committee had any thing to do with the flier, Sunnyside Recall Committee President Richard Hernandez said, "Absolutely not. The reality is if you look at this vile document, that is hate. That is pure hate. That's being put out by the detractors of Daniel Hernandez or should I say the people who oppose him."

"They can make the accusation, I can't prove I didn't do it," said Louie Gonzales, the board member who faces recall petition.

"When I look at it it's pretty disgusting that first of all it's out there, [and] even more disgusting is that it's being attributed to us."

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