Developers, city leaders talk neighborhood pavement problems in Aiken

Developers, city leaders talk pavement problems in Aiken

"They've cracked," said Aiken City Manager Richard Pearce.

He means the roads in Gem Lakes Estates, but residents there say they're about to do the same thing.

"The roads are currently owned by the developer, so the developer patched cracks in the asphalt," Pearce said.

Residents weren't ready to talk with us on camera, but say the patches the first time didn't work. But developers want to try the patching one more time, this time just a different way.

"The developer is going to go forward next month and patch the roads that have cracked, using a method called full-depth patching. We understand that's the same method used by the state highway department," Pearce said.

Residents say they're not counting on it, but Pearce says everyone here has a major concern.

"They want roads to drive over and the developer wants a development with roads you can drive over so you can get to your house."