Georgia Power warns customers about scam

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - People in the CSRA have been victimized by scammers who are targeting residential and commercial Georgia Power customers, according to Georgia Power.

"Any scam like this is serious. These scams frequently target people who are senior citizens or target people who English is their second language," said Georgia Power spokesman Mark Williams.

Scammers are calling Georgia Power customers and telling them that they're past due on their account and if they don't pay immediately their electricity will be turned off.

"They're asked to purchase a prepaid debit card and to provide that card's account number. We don't do that so that's a scam," Williams, said.

He says impersonators are also knocking on people's doors to collect payment.

He says the company only makes service calls, so verify the person is a Georgia Power employee and don't give out personal information.

"A Georgia employee who comes to the home will always show them a badge with a photo ID and they'll be in a proper Georgia Power uniform," said Williams.

If you have concerns call the Georgia Power customer service line at: (888) 660-5890.