Richmond Co. deputies go door-to-door for new initiative

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County deputies said they are trying to combat accidents before they happen.

"We take a problem area, where we're having some issues, and we address it with pamphlets and education," said Lt. Randy Prickett. "We talk to the people in the area and get their help with resolving the issues."

Those issues brought nearly 20 officers to the Lennox Place apartments off Wrightsboro Road on Thursday.

Deputies canvassed the area, passing out literature - trying to address pedestrians being struck on the nearby highway.

"There's a misconception that I have the right of way because I'm a pedestrian and you don't always have the right of way," said Prickett. "There's no crosswalks around this area, except for the intersection where the traffic lights are, so they just have to be more cautious, more patient."

Another concern is the amount of car break-ins the area has seen.   

Prickett said one of the reasons why complexes like Lennox Apartments are vulnerable is because of the high volume of traffic. He said one way to stay safe is to build community and make sure you know who your neighbors are.

"With so many people that live in one area, everybody doesn't know everybody, so, there's not as many people calling about a suspicious person because they don't know everybody. What we'd like to see is community meetings within the actual apartment complexes."

Lt. Prickett also said you should never hesitate to contact the sheriff's office with any questions or concerns.