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Aiken Huddle House robbed fourth time this year

"Staying open all night, dealing with drunks, rude customers, people that decide to go crazy."

All reasons why Nathaniel Lee, a former Waffle House employee, believes late-night restaurants are perfect targets for thieves, and why a bandit robbed this Huddle House restaurant on Richland Avenue in Aiken around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

"The subject did not present a weapon, however he did indicate that he had one," said Lt. Jake Mahoney. with the Aiken Public Safety Department. "He demanded money from a store employee. Upon receiving that money he fled the store on foot."

Customers in the area say they're not at all surprised by the incident last night because they say this Huddle House gets robbed all the time.

"What do you expect? The economy is going down the drain," Lee said. "They're open all night. Sounds like a recipe for me."

Police say this Huddle House was robbed in April, May and June this year! Police say video evidence at restaurants and businesses open ‘round-the-clock are just one of the ways to deter criminals.

"Having more than one employee on duty, having your employees be vigilant, exterior lighting, and just being on alert; on the lookout, and paying attention to your surroundings."

We spoke with employees here at Huddle House, and they say no one was injured, and that the robbery was just a scare. Now investigators are in the process of interviewing surrounding businesses and witnesses hoping to find a suspect.

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