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West Side Bowery to become Mellow Mushroom


West Side Bowery, the Aiken staple known for dishes such as Sam's Steak Sandwiches and Bowery Nachos, will be serving its last plate at the end of the month.

"We put our blood, sweat, and tears into it, and the rest is history," explained Bowery's owner, Sam Erb.

He said the day is bittersweet, but he was ready to retire from the everyday restaurant business, and he thinks he's made the right choice for his successor.

"When Mellow Mushroom approached me, I know they are a very community oriented business, a family oriented business," said Erb.

And Mellow Mushroom's Augusta-area owner, Shawn Ledford, plans to uphold the Bowery's traditions.

"We want to be your favorite place, no doubt about it," said Ledford. "Mellow Mushroom has been around since 1974."

Both Erb and Ledford hope the change continues to promote Downtown Aiken as the place to be.

"I think Aiken does a wonderful job of keeping downtown thriving," said Ledford. "The standard is high, business here is great. The community loves it!"

"They want to be downtown!" said Erb. "A lot of the franchises go on the outskirts of town. They wanted to be in the heart of downtown. That decision was easy."

And despite a still tough economy, Ledford said they should do well.

"Pizza sells!" said Ledford. "I think it puts a smile on everyone's face. We're just glad to do it."

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