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Weather delays Jefferson County school bus schedules


Monday morning Jefferson County schools got a late start to their day, thanks to torrential rainfalls literally washing away roads serving as routes for school buses. Damaged roads like Kelly Quarter Road in Stapleton are leading school officials to push back pickup times.
"We saw that we needed to be cautious in beginning school this morning; let it become good daylight before our buses tried to make it through the areas," said Dr. Molly Howard, superintendent of schools.
Jefferson County residents say five inches of rainfall in Stapleton flushed down to Kelly Quarter Road causing a sinkhole. School officials say the street is on three of their bus routes.
More than 1,000 kids, take the bus to and from school. Because that's three-fourths of Jefferson County students, the school board decided to delay class times.
"With the further rain coming later on during the week, we're trying to make sure we interrupt school as little as possible, but the safety of the children certainly come first," Dr. Howard said.
"The Jefferson County School Board has a transportation team monitoring all of these roadways so they can decide whether or not to continue with these delays, or just close schools all together.

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