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Cameras clipped to clothes: New crime fighting tool in Richmond Co.

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Deputy Sheriff Cory Carlyle has carried a new tool on his belt for a month.

As he clipped the new surveillance camera onto his uniform Friday, he said, "I put it on my chest where I can get a better angle when I'm recording somebody on a traffic stop."

He and two other deputies are testing out the cameras for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

He says when the camera is recording it gives the Sheriff's Office a way to see if see if complaints they've received have any merit.

"You have people that say that this deputy did this, this deputy did that and they just don't know that I'm recording everything that's being said and going on," he said.  

He says not only will the cameras provide a way to check the legitimacy of complaints, they will also keep deputies accountable.

"It makes you want to do the right thing. You can't do anything wrong because if you do anything wrong, the video is going to tell it. It's going to tell on you just as much as it's going to tell on the violator, so you have to be professional the whole time," Carlyle, said.

The camera he's using now costs $800. By November the Sheriff's Office will choose the camera that is the most cost-effective and will start outfitting deputies with the cameras by January.

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