Residents demand change to intersection after boy struck by car

Residents demand change to intersection after boy struck by car

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - "It's just a very dangerous intersection here," explained Pedro Lopez. "You have really busy two roads here."

Lopez, a Grovetown father, is fed up with all the incidents he says happens on Harlem-Grovetown Road at Old Berzelia Road: the latest one injuring his own son, Pablo, while crossing the roadway after school.

"Most of the cars were stopped," said Lopez. "So when he went to cross the road, one of the cars kept coming, he didn't see it. And he slipped trying to evade the accident. And the car kind of still got him."

Lopez said his son has a broken ankle, and is out of the hospital now, but he's not the only resident left fuming.

"Accident after accident all Summer," said Nathaniel Martin, a nearby resident. "It doesn't matter whether school is in or out. You're going to see accidents if you're watching this corner."

Martin said he sees the same situation unfold time and time again, and now the residents around Grovetown Middle School want a crosswalk put in. So I took their concerns to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

"I've been talking to the city officials today, the mayor, the public safety director, we're cooperating together, it's something we want to get together with the county and the city," said Captain Butch Askew.

He said with the latest incident, the City of Grovetown plans to paint a crosswalk any day now, and then, the Sheriff's Office will make a decision if crossing guards are needed.

"We're going to meet and try to determine where the best location for that is," explained Askew. "And then try to decide if we need a crossing guard there if it's determined that's needed for the number of students crossing."

But until that happens, I asked Lopez if his son will continue walking to school.

"He doesn't want to," said Lopez. "And I don't blame him. I think after his nerves finally calm down, maybe I'll let him. But for now, Mom and I think he'll take the bus or I'll go pick him up."