Hephzibah teen says Richmond Co. deputies assaulted him

Hephzibah teen says Richmond Co. deputies assaulted him

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WFXG) - Kyvan James' world was turned upside down, just last week.

James, 15, was walking home with a friend when he saw several blue lights in his Hephzibah subdivision.

"All we saw is a lot of police cars," said James. "So as we're looking, a woman said 'there goes them kids' and I turned around 'like what,' and it seem like several police officers charged after me."

James admits he ran until the police took out their guns. That's when he hit the ground.

"As they were coming up, one said 'oh I wish he had kept running so I could've have a reason to shoot him,'" James recalled.

Even though he was defenseless at this point, James said he was beaten.

"I know I felt a few kicks from him. The other one on top of me, and then the other one pulled my hair, talking about, 'you scream help or for your momma again, I'mma give you a reason to scream for your momma.'"

His mother took photos of his face from that night, showing the bruises. Kenya James said she arrived to the scene after a neighbor called her.

"You're not going to tell me that it took that much for a grown man, or grown men, to subdue my child," she said.

Richmond County isn't releasing any information until an investigation is complete but a complaint filed by a Richmond County deputy said James resisted an officer and is being charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

When asked if he resisted an officer, James denied.

"How could I if someone's on me? How could I toss you over when you're bigger than me?"

There is two sides to this story but whatever happened Kenya James says it boils down to one thing:

"No matter what anyone has to say. My son did not deserve to be beaten."