Funeral held for State Rep. Quincy Murphy

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It wasn't easy to find a seat at Tabernacle Baptist church today, as people from across the country showed up to pay their final respects to State Representative Quincy Murphy.

Khalea Washington is Quincy Murphy's cousin. She didn't get to see him as much as she would have liked.

"By me living in New York and him living down here, very often we didn't get the opportunity to cross paths, unless he came to New York for NCAA basketball finals."

But today, as she says goodbye, she's just thankful she gets to pay her respects.

"If I told him somebody was sick or I needed to come to a funeral, whatever he could do, he'd show up."

Murphy was a family man and a pillar of the community.

He served in the general assembly for 11 years after winning a state house seat in 2002, representing Richmond and Jefferson counties.

Marion Williams, District Two Commissioner said, " He did a lot of great thing and brought a lot of community together. I think that's what most people remember him by is his dedication and commitment to serve."

Washington is thankful his short time on earth was full of what he loved most…serving others.

"I am very, very  thankful that the amount of time he was alive on this earth, he did as many positive and constructive and industrious things for the city and the church."