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No arrests yet after McDuffie County drug bust


Law enforcement officials with the FBI, GBI, McDuffie County and Richmond County raided a farm in McDuffie County Friday and found a load of drugs.

The drug bust happened at Whitaker Dairy Farms and the property owners say they had no clue there were drugs on their land.

"It's a stab in the back," said Cassie Whitaker.

Whitaker says she felt betrayed by her family's employees when their farm became a crime scene.

"About 40 plus cars, cop cars, SWAT team and everything rolled in here and it was a nightmare," Whitaker, said.

She says the nightmare played out in a dairy barn where law enforcement officials found several guns, marijuana and methamphetamine, which investigators estimate could be worth $50,000.

Several of their employees are being questioned by investigators as persons of interest; no arrests have been made yet.

She says they didn't know about the stash of drugs because they own 300 acres and sometimes work odd hours.

"They were apparently doing it off the farm or on the farm late at night when we weren't around," she said.

Now that Whitaker's surprise has worn off she says her family is just left with confusion. 

"We feel like we help them by giving them a place to stay and pay them and it's just awful."

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