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More charges for suspect in Aiken and Augusta break-ins

Brian Lowry/Source: NADPS Brian Lowry/Source: NADPS

UPDATE (Friday, August 2):

Brian Lowry has now been linked to the McGee Burglary and Larceny of a Volkswagen according to the North Augusta Department of Public Safety.  Warrants for 1st Degree Burglary and Larceny of Motor Vehicle were obtained and served to Lowry while incarcerated in the Aiken County Detention Center.  NADPS is still in the investigative process of hopefully tying Lowry to the vehicle break-ins and the Ward burglary.

The new charges follow Lowry's arrest on Wednesday morning, July 31. He was suspected in a string of vehicle break-ins in the CSRA.

Lowry is in jail and is expected to be there for a while pending the independent investigations of several local law enforcement agencies.  North Augusta strongly believes and is actively working to establish sufficient evidence to successfully prosecute him for all the crimes he has committed in the North Augusta area.

Officials encourage all citizens to help prevent themselves from being a target of crime by doing a few simple things: 1) lock your doors; both at home and vehicle, 2) close all garage doors and other exterior accesses to your home securely at night, and 3) do not leave anything of value in your vehicles in plain view.


Sgt. Jason Feemster with the Aiken County Sheriff's Office tells WFXG, a man with a possible connection to a rash of Aiken break-ins, has been arrested.

North Augusta Public Safety and the Aiken County Sheriff's Office arrested Brian Lowry.  At this point, he is a person of interest in many unsolved vehicle break-ins and burglaries in the city limits of North Augusta. 

Sgt. Feemster says Lowry also has active warrants in Richmond County.


He has not been charged at this time. WFXG will keep you updated on any new information that is released from law enforcement.




When Diana Ward woke up Tuesday, she realized her car, computer and phone were stolen.

It didn't take her long to figure out that the man suspected of burglarizing her and many of her neighbors hid from deputies in her home while she was sleeping.

She says the man accused of breaking into nine vehicles on Shoreline Drive made himself at home in her house.

"He apparently went into the refrigerator to get what he wanted, some pickles, and it's already dried but there were little dribbles of pickle juice all over." She continued saying, "This is the infamous chair where he probably sat because we found pieces of chunky glass that you would find if you broke a car window."

Public safety officials say deputies started chasing the man early Tuesday morning after he allegedly broke into vehicles.

Investigators say he disappeared into an area of the River Golf Club where there are alligators. Deputies set up a perimeter but he slipped past them and then snuck into Ward's home.

She says while he was waiting for the deputies and K9s to leave the area, he smoked cigarettes on her patio and ate her pickles before taking off with her car and several electronics.

"He took a cell phone of mine and my granddaughters, but he used mine and called the police and kind of did a ‘Na-na-na-na, I've broken through your perimeter.'"

She's changing her locks because even though her car was found in Augusta, she's still missing her computer and cell phone and she doesn't want to relive this experience again.  

"It seems real bizarre. This was a crazy night, it was a crazy night," she said.

Investigators say the burglary suspect was wearing gloves but they're checking her pickle jar and her car for fingerprints.

North Augusta Public Safety is asking anyone with information to call them at (803) 279-2121.

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