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Shooting victim tells story of survival, strength

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"You know I will always wonder. Why me? Why am I here? What could have been done differently? But that's something I will never know."

April Paulk still has a bullet lodged in her head, the result of her estranged husband's actions during a shooting at her home on Sunday. It's been under a week since the violence erupted, but April is confronting the tragedy head on.

April got in touch with radio host Miss Monique at Power 107, and said she wanted to share her story. I was invited to come as well, to meet the woman many are now calling courageous and strong.

"I'm just striving for getting things together," said April.

While she survived the confrontation, her sister, Brandi, and brother-in-law, Lee, didn't make it.

"They were great parents," April said. "She loved my children, she loved everyone's children. Auntie Brandi!"

She was in the process of divorcing her husband, Cedric Harris, when the shooting happened. She said she doesn't want to focus on their past issues, because despite the problems they had, this was not the character of the man she married.

"Even though me and Cedric had our issues, and we were going our separate ways, we still had good times, once upon a time, when it was all said and done, he was still my husband," explained April.

April said she remembers what happened last weekend - she recalls being shot - but what she remembers most was when Harris allegedly fired the gun again, with her children in the house.

"But when I heard that shot, I was like, oh no, my baby is back there," April said. "I know I'm too weak to probably fight. The only thing I can probably do is pray and run."

Miraculously, the children weren't hurt at all, and they're now surrounded with the love and support of their family. April, despite being critically injured, is now trying to move forward.

"Physically, I'm good," said April. "Right now, spiritually, and mentally is my biggest concern. And moving forward and making sure my kids have the support and everything that you need."

To help April and the family out, you're asked to donate at any Wells Fargo branch. Just inform the teller you'd like to make a donation to "April Paulk."

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