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Riverkeeper meeting with residents as Savannah River recedes

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"This is the beginning of a series of meetings," explains Tonya Bonitatibus, Savannah Riverkeeper.

Bonitatibus is spearheading an information campaign after the Savannah River's historic flood.

"We have an opportunity for the citizens to not only learn about what the flooding has meant in this area, some of the damages, what we can expect," she said.

As the river continues to recede, the Riverkeeper said residents are realizing the impact of just too much water, like in River Island, the site of tonight's meeting.

"A lot of the damages we saw weren't just along the riverfront," said Bonitatibus. "They were back away in some of the neighborhoods, in some of the newer development areas."

But despite the damages she did see, Bonitatibus said it could have been a lot worse.

"I think we got really, really lucky," she said. "It stopped raining enough so the water was able to come back down. And then you had a really good connection and conversation between the different agencies."

It's not all good news; while many riverfront parks and activities have resumed, others are dealing with a downright mess.

"Lock and Dam, which is still closed, there's still a lot of wildlife crawling around out there," Bonitatibus said.

As for the Riverkeeper herself?

I joked, "are you tired from all of this?"

"I'm exhausted, I'm exhausted! I'm glad the water is back down," she laughed.

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