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Entrepreneur uses Google Glass to document trip to tech-savvy cities


A Kansas City entrepreneur is giving KCTV5 a behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming documentary filmed using Google Glass.

Chris Shaw was one of the first 8,000 people in the country to test Google Glass before it hit the shelves, and his documentary is called The Tech Trek.

Shaw decided to test the product by touring tech-savvy cities, including San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Before hitting the road, he had to pick up the glass at the Google campus, and a glass guide fit the product for him, much like an optometrist fits someone for a pair of glasses.

From sparring to slam dunks, people can experience it all through the eyes of a person wearing Google Glass.

"We wanted to do first person point-of-view tourism. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge. We sat out on a point to, and we were able to see into San Francisco Bay and into the city," said Shaw, a member of the Google Glass explorer program.

While watching the famous Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, Shaw didn't need a camera, or even a phone. He simply used a voice commend, or a tap to turn on his Google Glass camera.

"Say 'Okay Glass take a picture' or 'Okay Glass record a video.' You have to nail the syntax exactly," he said.

Shaw is back from his tech trek trip that took him on helicopter rides, and using the glass they helped him capture Las Vegas nightlife. They documented long drives down the California coastal highway.

Shaw said, even as a techie, the product took some getting used to.

"I looked like a zombie. They said I had ‘Glass face.' I'd be doing this (looks up) and I'd be looking up at the screen. I'm not looking at your face. I'm looking at what I'm doing up here," he said.

After two days Shaw said he got the hang of it.

"I was strolling the baby around as she was sleeping, and I was reading newspaper headlines without ever having to pick up a hand," he said.

He handed the device to anyone willing to offer a unique perspective, like some boxers he found on the beach.

Shaw is now integrating the device into his everyday life. He's ready to start testing the glass with local companies and sports teams.

"We want to see how athletes and people who are higher profile might use it to interact with their fans. Here at Think Big we want to understand how technologists are going to use it. What sort of applications," he said.

Shaw said the Google Glass is durable and stays put. He does warn that it shuts down about two to three times a day. He and his team are now going through about 300 videos to put together their documentary.

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