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Man with violent criminal record shoots three, including wife


The Richmond County Coroner now confirms Brandi and Lee Wilson are the victims who lost their lives after investigators said Cedric Harris went into their South Augusta home and shot them. His estranged wife, April Paulk, was critically injured; Harris later shot and killed himself.

"The whole neighborhood is sad," said J. Daniels, a neighbor. "It's like a day without sunshine. The whole day is cloudy."

He has lived on Stanton Court for several years now, and said a tragedy like this really hits close to home.

"Really, close neighbors," Daniels explained. "Everyone knows one another, speaks to one another. It's a really sad occasion."

Harris has a checkered past according to court records, including arrests for family violence and aggravated assault. According to the Clerk's website, he served no jail time.

"A man like that, everyone got their own ways, and their own thoughts, it's just sad to take the way out like that," said Daniels.

Court records also show Paulk was in the process of divorcing Harris. Paulk's family alleges Harris was abusing her.

"I was stunned because I just talked to my sister-in-law on Tuesday," said Tammy Tanksley, Paulk's sister-in-law. "And she was telling me what was going on, and I asked her if she called the police and she said she did. But to get a restraining order, it took a process."

Our questions to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office remain unanswered. They acknowledged our requests for comment, but were tight-lipped on additional specifics of the case.

UPDATE: Grover Tuten, the Richmond County Coroner confirms, Brandi Wilson, a 35 year old female and Lee Wilson, a 31 year old male were the two victims killed Sunday morning in an Augusta shooting.

Tuten confirms, both victims died from gun shot wounds. Another female was also shot at the same time and location as the Wilson's. She was taken to the hospital. The coroner's Office is not releasing her identity. 

Initial reports sent to the media from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office identified the female victim by another name.


"She's gone. I don't know what else to say."

Tammy Tanksley is grappling with the loss of her sister-in-law, April Paulk, after investigators say, Paulk's estranged husband, Cedric Tobias Harris, shot her and two others at a home on Stanton Court. Paulk didn't make it.

"My beautiful sister-in-law. She was the best. She was awesome. She went out and got all the education she could get, to start her own business. She loved her kids, and she loved her family," said Tanksley.

She said Harris had been violent with Paulk in the past, as recently as a week ago, pushing her out of a moving vehicle.

"He was an abusive husband," Tanksley explained. "And why did he do it? To me he's a coward. But I don't know why he did it. But it's senseless."

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office said Harris was tracked to McDuffie County, where they believe he shot himself. Tanksley said he's now dead, and won't have to face the consequences for his behavior.

"We can't get any justice served because he's gone," she added. "I leave it in God's hand. He'll take care of it all."

It's a tragedy Tanksley said she saw coming. Her last conversation with her sister-in-law was about getting away from the now suspected killer.

"To get a restraining order, it took a process," explained Tanksley. "I told her to be careful, she was welcome to come to the house. She was supposed to bring me the kids, but she didn't."

Now, Tanksley said, she will never be able to see Paulk's smiling face again.

"She was a beautiful woman that loved her kids," remembered Tanksley. "And all she wanted was a little bit of help."

Help, Tanksley said, was too little, too late.

Original Story:

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is investigating a domestic-related shooting at a South Augusta home.

Deputies responded early this morning to the 3600 block of Stanton Court to find two people dead, and another person injured as a result of gunshots.

A family member has confirmed one of the victims as April Paulk, though RCSO has yet to confirm any identities.

The injured victim was transported to Georgia Regents Medical Center in critical condition.

The suspect in the case is Cedric Tobias Harris. He was later found suffering from a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound in McDuffie County.

Harris is believed to be the ex-husband of Paulk.

Nobody else is suspected to be involved in the shooting.

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