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Trayvon Martin downtown rally attract dozens


Danielle Coffee said the Trayvon Martin case hits close to home.

"There was an instance where my son had borrowed a toy gun, from his friend, and he was outside playing by himself with the gun. A neighbor had saw my son with the gun and called the police and when I happened to go outside, I see three cops, with their guns drawn on my son," Coffee shared.

Instead of keeping silent, however, Coffee said she is a more proactive parent.

"I've talked to my kids, I have two kids," Coffee explained. "I have a daughter as well and I speak to both of them about carrying themselves in a certain manner because you are judged."

Coffee and dozens gathered today at the Augusta-Richmond County Judicial Center to rally against the recent decision made in the George Zimmerman Trial.

Organizers say the rally was more about bringing attention and change to the stand-you-ground law.

"Until you educate people, you can't expect better," said Tonaka Wiggins, one of the protests organizers. "You have a lot of out rage, a lot of anger, simply because of miscommunication. Understanding the law is one thing, understanding your rights is another thing."  

Like Coffee, many protestors felt Martin was racially profiled but some, who attended the rally, said his death reaches beyond racial lines.

"There's so much more than race going on with the Zimmerman case," said Rhonda Ledesma. "It's just basically about our children being able to walk home without being followed by someone."

Organizers said that the protests would not end today.

They are already in the planning stages of other rallies and they hope that even more will come out and support the next one.

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