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Suspect arrested in connection to party shooting

Source: Rachel Moore (WFXG) Source: Rachel Moore (WFXG)

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office has apprehended a suspect in connection to the shooting death of Marquez Eubanks.

Dijon Cortez Abbott, 17, has been charged with murder and also in the shooting on Jeremy Whitehead, and Latrice Nelson.

Original Story:

"He didn't deserve to die. He didn't. He honestly didn't. If anybody in this world deserved to die, it wasn't him," said Kaelin Evans, who is talking about his best friend: Marquez Eubanks.

 Richmond County deputies said Eubanks, 19, was shot and killed after a house party early Friday morning.

Around midnight Evans said he met up with Eubanks at this house off of Deans Bridge Road.

"You could only see when you first walked in, that was because of the light from outside," Evans said. "But when you walked into the living room, there was just like so many people you couldn't see anything. It was just a bunch of boys; girls here, boys there and it was real, real crowded."

Evans said he stepped back outside. Neighbors said hundreds of cars were parked around the house. Deputies were called because neighbors said that party was too loud.

"When I came back, the police were pulling up, and I was telling my friend we'll just go back in and see if he's going to shut it down or not. But by the time he walked into the house they started shooting and I just heard screams from that point on," Evans said. "You can't tell who shot, nothing like that. I just know that they started fighting, and after they started fighting, it just led on from that."

Deputies said Eubanks and Jeremy Whitehead, 21, were both shot. Both were rushed to the hospital, but Eubanks didn't make it. Whitehead was listed in critical condition.

"The hardest part about the whole thing is knowing that you won't ever see him again," Evans said.

Evans said Eubanks was a star football player at Laney Walker High School. And he made football a top priority in his life.

 "He showed me through hard work and dedication you can get a scholarship and go to college and do something better with your life," Evans said.

That is exactly what Eubanks was planning to do. His mother told WFXG Eubanks was offered a full athletic scholarship to Tuskegee University. He was going to start school this fall.

"It's hard when you lose a friend that you know you're going to keep for a long time; that you know who wasn't supposed to go anywhere; that you couldn't even imagine going anywhere; that you thought you were going to grow old with," Evans said.


Marquez Eubanks was killed overnight after a shooting on Kensington Drive in Augusta. Eubanks was pronounced dead around 2 am at Georgia Regents Medical Center. Jeremy Whitehead was also shot. He is at Georgia Regents Medical Center listed in critical condition.    

WFXG is told there was a house party going on at the time of the shooting. Deputies were called out for noise complaints. When they arrived on scene, they saw people running from the home. WFXG is told by others at the party that Eubanks played football for Laney High School. That information has not been confirmed by officials.

No word on what started the shooting or on the identity of the suspect or suspects. WFXG has a crew on the scene as the investigation is playing out. We will update you with information, as we get it from the Sheriff's Department. If you have any information about the shooting, call the Sheriff's Office at 706 821-1080.

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