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Crime rate down in Augusta-Richmond County

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The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is shutting the door on crime.

"The sheriff's office has seen a huge decrease in a large number of crimes, from your residential burglaries, your commercial burglaries, to your motor vehicle thefts," said Sgt. Shane McDaniel.

McDaniel is happy to report that news; he said the process started with the election of a new top cop.

"When Sheriff [Richard] Roundtree was elected at the beginning of the year, he brought in several new plans," McDaniel said.

He said those plans include more deputies on road patrol, combing the streets of Augusta for thieves and thugs.

"What that did was allow the deputies, more deputies to focus on our neighborhoods and business districts," McDaniel added.

There's also some common sense things you can do without ever calling the Sheriff's Office. Simple solutions like locking your car doors can prevent something sinister from happening.

I decided to check how prepared we were at WFXG.

Within minutes, I was able to open someone's unlocked door and get inside the vehicle.

McDaniel said even if someone does manage to get into your car, or even steal it, neighbors are becoming increasingly vigilant.

"The people that are out trying to break into a house, trying to break into a business, or trying to steal a car, you've got a neighbor or a citizen for that matter or anybody watching what happens, are automatically going to dial 911 and get us over there," explained McDaniel.

I asked, "you're not just catching these guys, you're actually preventing it before it happens?"

"Pretty much, yes," responded McDaniel.

"And that's the whole point, right?" I asked.

"Exactly," McDaniel added.

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