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McDuffie County historic landmark lost to fire


For 7 years Beth Brown and the Georgia Paranormal Society have investigated what used to be the Old Dixie Inn in Boneville.

Brown said the history of the building and people in the community saying it was haunted attracted her to the building.

"I wanted to prove it," Brown said.

And what she found may make your skin crawl.

"We have a lot of voices on electronic voice phenomenon. We also had some pictures of a man hanging up on the top floor, cameras moving and EMF spikes," said Brown.

But Brown and her ghost-busting gang will now have to find another location to connect with the other side.

The building built in the 1800s caught fire on Wednesday and burned down.

Crews worked into the wee hours of the morning to battle the blaze.

"It was a huge shame that that happened. We tried to do a lot of cleaning up, trying to restore it, but this happened," said Anthony Tantillo, who works with Brown. "Now there's really nothing much else we can do."

While some saw the house that once stood as a playground for the paranormal, others in the Boneville community saw it as a historic landmark.

"It's heartbreaking. It's terrible," said Joann Jones who lives across the street from the Dixie Inn. "I can't believe anyone would do anything like that."

Investigators don't believe the spirits caused the fire but they have ruled it to be suspicious.

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