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Summer Safety Series: Commonly missed spots when applying sunscreen


When the temperatures heat up, you might consider cooling off at the beach or the pool. It's crucial to make sure you wear sunscreen, but you might be surprised at the most common spots people miss during application.

Dr. Howard Zaren, surgical oncologist at St. Joseph's Candler, said you have to apply sunscreen every two hours. Lathering on sunscreen in the morning before a day out in the sun, or clouds, simply won't cut it.

"When you apply sunscreen, you should apply in front of a mirror, so you can see exactly where you're putting it on," Dr. Zaren said.

Zach Phillips, a pharmacist at LoCost Pharmacy, also said "30 minutes before you go out, apply liberally, generously, and then apply every two hours at least."

Both Phillips and Dr. Zaren stressed the importance of applying sunscreen to your head, hair, face, nose, ears and the backs of your hands.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there are five spots you need to make sure you're protecting. Those spots include the part in your hair, the sides of your face, the back of your neck, your chest and the tops of your feet.

When it comes to children, Dr. Zaren said parents need to be extra careful. This means before you walk out the door, make sure the little ones are covered in sunscreen.

"Once you get there they only want one thing; beach and water. So they're not going to stand still, but at home, you have a little more control."

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