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Surveying Flood Damage

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Fisherman Barney Raines spends most of his time at Lock and Dam Park, but not this week.

"I was down there before they put the gate up. The water was high. If somebody walked into it, they could probably get pulled under."

 The U.S. Coast Guard spent Monday checking out water levels at the river.

"We were out on the river earlier, just observing some safety concerns and environmental issues, "U.S. Coast Guard Jeremy Gray said, "We were out here just checking to see how bad the flood damage is and if there are any safety concerns to deal with."

Damage is what they'll have to deal with in a few weeks when the river goes down.

Special Operations Chief Wayne Taylor said, "There will be new hazards. You'll have unstable docks, docks that have broken free,  issues with logs, things that come down stream."

Raines says he's never seen the river this high and he doesn't think some creatures around have either.

"I've seen alligators and creatures coming up as the water's rising."

Rising and not stopping for what officials say could be a few more weeks.

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