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Long-term flooding threatening Savannah Riverkeeper


Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus is worried about the rising water.

"Next couple of months are going to be interesting for the river and interesting for the Riverkeeper as well," she said.

Bonitatibus said while the inundation of places like the Riverwalk, Lock and Dam Park, and Furys Ferry is a disaster in itself, the mess the floodwaters will leave behind is even worse.

"When the water goes back down, we're going to be dealing with significant damage," the Riverkeeper said.

And she'll be here to help deal with the devastation.

"At that point in time, the Riverkeeper will then go into disaster control and help cleaning up as well," Bonitatibus explained.

But all that support requires funding, something the heavy rain is preventing.

"There's no way we can actually hold Paddlefest on Augusta 10th," said the Riverkeeper. "We're going to have to put that off and that's our biggest fundraiser of the year."

At the same time, the Riverkeeper said she's needed more than ever.

"All of our staff are working seven days per week, trying to get information out to the public about what's going on," said Bonitatibus.

She's is now making a plea to the public.

"If you like what the Riverkeeper does and you think that our services are valuable, we please ask that you donate now because we need it," said Bonitatibus.

To donate to the Savannah Riverkeeper, click here.

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