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Alligators, snakes coming closer to shore due to flooding

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Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus was just as shocked as I was to see an alligator swim up right behind us during our interview.

"So we have an alligator in our boat ramp," she exclaimed. "I can say for sure that's the first time that's ever happened."

Because of the Savannah River's rise, a spotting like this is becoming more common.

"A lot of these guys are being flushed out, and moving down," said Bonitatibus. "I was semi-skeptical that we were going to have this problem with reptiles."


"Obviously, I've been proven wrong by the alligator next to the boat," she said.

It's not only gators you have to watch out for.

"If you're this close to the water to see a snake, then you're probably too close anyway," explained Bonitatibus.

The best advice at this point: steer clear of the rising water.

"The best thing to do is let mother nature do what it's gonna do and kind of stay out of the way," she warned.

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