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UAH shooter affidavit alleges killer went to shooting range with colleagues


An affidavit by convicted killer Amy Bishop Anderson states she went to a Huntsville shooting range with colleagues in the months before the UAH shootings.

The affidavit was filed in the civil lawsuits filed by families of the victims. The lawsuits name Amy Bishop Anderson, her husband, former UAH Provost Dr. Vistasp Karbhari and former UAH President Dr. David Williams.

In the signed document, Amy Bishop Anderson states she spoke to coworker Dr. Debra Moriarity about the stress she was under during the tenure process. 

Bishop Anderson claims Moriarity suggest she speak to another colleague with a background in psychological counseling. 

Bishop Anderson also claims Moriarity suggested she go to a local shooting range for target practice. The affidavit goes on to state that Bishop Anderson went to the range with Moriarity, other coworkers, and graduate students on several occasions.

Moriarity says she never went anywhere that wasn't work related with Bishop Anderson and didn't even know she went to a shooting range.

The affidavit includes a diary entry by Bishop Anderson dated June 9, 2009. That entry states in part, "I need to keep fighting for what is rightfully mine as I am the sole supporter of my family of four children...I need this for my career as not getting tenure at UA Huntsville typically ends ones career."

Bishop Anderson goes on to state she had a deteriorated psychiatric condition in the months before the shootings.

The convicted killer states that she believed she was being stalked by a graduate student.

She also states she believes another former employee was murdered by a member of the administration.

Yelena Zakin was found dead in the Tennessee River. Her husband, former UAH Professor Andrew Pakhomov, was convicted of her murder.

Bishop Anderson says she took her concerns to the Provost who smiled and was verbally unresponsive.

Bishop Anderson is serving life in prison for the shootings.

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