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Constant rain creates mosquito problem in the CSRA

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First came the rain, then the flood and now mosquitoes.

"The outbreak of mosquitoes has been unreal," said Scott Anderson, owner and CEO of Mosquito Squad of Augusta.

Anderson said the constant showers we've been experiencing create a perfect breeding ground of sitting rain water for our unwelcome friends.

"Mosquito eggs can lay dormant in a person's yard or any given area for up to seven years. It takes water for a mosquito eggs to hatch and with this amount of rain fall you're seeing a lot of mosquito eggs hatch," Anderson said.

Which has been good for business.

"Last year was a pretty rainy summer, all things considered, but not in comparison to this," Anderson admitted.  "We did see a pick-up in business last summer and this summer, it's been even more so."

As storm clouds continue to loom over the CSRA, Anderson said there are simple things we can do to prevent the mosquitoes from multiplying at a rapid rate.

"Removing standing water within your yard, turning over buckets, wheelbarrows that might be collecting water, tarps, different things where water tends to sit. Get rid of that water so those mosquito eggs won't hatch."

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