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Search continues Thursday morning for swimmer at Langley Pond

Source: Rachel Moore (WFXG) Source: Rachel Moore (WFXG)

UPDATE: Divers returned to Langley Pond Thursday morning to continue their search for a missing swimmer. WFXG has a crew on the scene and will update you as search crews update us.

WFXG has confirmed Byron Coleman is missing and some of his belongings were found at the pond after the incident Wednesday evening. Officials are not confirming that he is the missing swimmer, but family members are filing a missing person report.


Divers called off the search for a missing swimmer at Langley Pond about 10 p.m. Wednesday night because the visibility was poor.

Burnettown Police Chief David Paul Smith says they have been searching for a man who is believed to have been missing in the water since 5 p.m.

A man who was swimming with him was rushed to Georgia Regents Medical Center in critical condition Wednesday night after he witnesses say he had trouble swimming.

Smith says witnesses saw two men and a woman swimming about 50 feet away from the dock in a non-swimming area.

The third person who was in the water is the girlfriend of the man who is in critical condition. Smith says she is fine.

Sherri King was at the Langley Pond dock and says the girlfriend told her that they were swimming toward a sandbar when her boyfriend started struggling in the water.

She says she saw the other man sitting on the sandbar before she started helping her boyfriend swim back to the dock.

Smith says her boyfriend is believed to be 21.

He believes the missing man is 22-years-old but they don't know who he is yet because the girlfriend says they met for the first time Wednesday afternoon.

The dive team searched the water for the swimmer believed to be missing for about five hours. Smith says the search will start again around 8 a.m. Thursday.


Previous story:

Aiken County crews have called off their search for a missing swimmer at Langley Pond.

Despite beginning the search at 5pm, they were unable to locate the swimmer.

The search will resume at 8am.

The swimmer's family is on the scene.

Original Story:

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office has confirmed they are assisting Burnettown Police & Fire Department in the search for a possible drowning victim at Langley Pond.

Burnettown Police Chief David Paul Smith confirmed that around 5pm, three men were swimming outside of the designated swimming area at Langley Pond. They were horseplaying and apparently got in to trouble.

Two people, one who was in the swimming area, another from the shore, went to help the three. They pulled one person from the water. He was taken to the hospital. That 21 year old man is in critical condition.

Officials also said a second person could still be in the water.

Dive teams from across the Aiken area are at Langley Pond trying to find a second person from that group, who is still missing. The chief says they are working to confirm the identity of that man, but he is believed to be 22 years old.

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