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CA man and comfort dogs try to help Prescott cope


A California man and his comfort dogs work together to bring comfort to people who suffer great loss.

Daniel Sievert has traveled across the country responding to major tragedies with his golden retrievers. Once he heard of the Yarnell Hill fire, he made his way here to see what he can do to help.

Jake wears the blue bandana. Emerson wears the red one.

"Jake is 7, Emerson 4," said Sievert.

They're always up for a road trip.

"This is what Jake normally does when I drive; he's right up here with me. He's my boy. He's my original boy," he said as they drive along Prescott streets.

They're comfort dogs and seek people out across the county who are grieving.

"What Jake does is, goes up to a person, leans on them, stays with them as long as it take for them to express their grief. Emerson goes and sits," he said.

The dogs became national travelers after Daniel heard about the Boston marathon bombing.

"It was just a word that I heard, and it was 'go,'" he said.

Sievert and his dogs helped people in Newtown, CT, and even those who lost everything in the deadly tornados this year.

On Monday, they showed up at Tim's Toyota Center Arena in Prescott Valley checking in with officials to see if they can help out with the memorial service.

"We just want to be a comforting influence," he told a police officer.

"Even thought I wasn't financially or physically prepared, I still felt the need to be here because there are people that needed to be comforted," Sievert said.

He's got a few more weeks on his rental and hopes he, Jake and Emerson can help as many people as possible until then.

"This is the second [Nissan] Juke rental that I've had. The reason it's the second one, I put so many miles on the silver one that Enterprise had to take it out of its inventory and put it up for sale," he said.

Sievert wasn't cleared to go into the arena during the memorial service, but was still around to help others nearby cope.

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