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New golf cart law could help Augusta businesses

"We are the golf capital of the world,l" said Brenner Ham.

As the golf capital of the world, some say it would only make sense for commissioners to pass a new law allowing golf carts to drive on the streets of Augusta.

"Downtown: it could be very beneficial to small businesses that need to get around; police force, stuff like that," Ham said. He's the manager of Time Transportation.

The new law lets county and city leaders decide if drivers can operate golf carts on public streets. The carts have to be registered with the Georgia DMV and be installed with a braking system, tail lights, a horn, headlights, seatbelts and a windshield.

Alterations Time Transportation can easily make. The freight-moving company repairs golf carts then ships them around the country. They say they 90 percent of golf carts are manufactured in Georgia, so they could see a boost in business.

 "The Slow-Moving DOT Act could help us by sales in the market of selling these street legal vehicles," Ham said.

While the Garden City could see an increase in accidents similar to motorcycles, supporters of the law say it could save drivers on gas.

"We can help people get more of an understanding of what's going on in this market, and how you can use this car for your benefit," Ham said.

But whether drivers support the law or not, it will be up to Augusta-Richmond County commissioners to make the final call.

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