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Woman scammed into handing over thousands to thieves

A 60-year-old woman said she was tricked into giving up $3,000! All it took was a black bandana and an elaborate story.

"All the words that come with 'con,' and 'flim-flam' and 'sucker,'" the woman said, she said she was too embarrassed to be identified.

Earlier this week she said she was approached by a man in the Ross parking lot on Wrightsboro Road.

"I was on the way to my car, and this gentleman stopped me and asked me if I knew where the African Baptist Church was," the woman said.

She said the man introduced himself as Jamal Abdullah. He told her he recently inherited $150,000, but couldn't take it back to his hometown in South Africa.

"He said that if he crossed the border to Africa, he said that they would kill him because they would think that he was trying to buy guns and everything for the rebels," the woman said.

She said another man named Charles came over saying he wanted to help. She took both of the men to her church, where the office manager told them African Baptist Church burned down years ago, and his cousin was died.

That's when Abdullah made an offer she couldn't refuse.

"He said, 'Prove to me that you're a responsible person, and I'll give you this money'; $75,000," the woman said.

The woman said she drove them to the bank where Charles withdrew thousands of dollars saying he was "responsible." The woman said she did the same. She said they wrapped all of the money in a black bandana and prayed over it."

"We all put our hands over it," the woman said. "I don't know where the switch came in at."

The woman says she took the men back to the parking lot. They gave her the bandana, but after she opened the cloth, there was no money inside.

"This is the first of the month; my bills. I'm beating myself up. I feel so bad," The woman said.

The woman said she plans to prosecute if these thieves are caught. In the meantime, she just hopes that she's the last victim that they scam.

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