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Not just the Fourth of July: Fireworks in GA could become year-round business


As communities across Georgia make plans for fireworks festivals this week, a state lawmaker from Chickamauga believes his legislation will pave the way for a year-round fireworks industry in the state.

State Sen. Jeff Mullis, a Republican, introduced Senate Bill 229 in March, and he believes it is poised to pass through the House of Representatives next year. The result of such a passage would give voters a chance to lift the statewide ban on fireworks in the 2014 November election.

"Currently in Georgia (fireworks are) being used, and it's illegal, and there's no safety requirements," said Mullis. "There's no regulations on how to use them, how to sell them or who can buy them. We need to just embrace it, and use it, and make it legal by certain regulations."

Glenn Davis, the fire marshall in Fort Oglethorpe, GA, expressed concerns about such a piece of legislation becoming law.

"We have had over the years several fires extinguished, from people using (fireworks) the wrong way," said Davis. "I'm more against them because they're dangerous, and the safety factor to the community."

Mullis said his legislation would address safety measures that come along with amateurs setting off fireworks.

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