Names released of deputies involved in tasing investigation


The Richmond County Sheriff's Office has released the names of the deputies involved in a case where one man died after being tased.

In an official release, the Sheriff's Office named Deputy Mathew Sanderson, Deputy Prizette Presberry and Deputy Chadrick Scott as the deputies put on leave.

The investigation is ongoing and is still being examined by GBI. Additional information will be provided at a later time.


Cell phone video from a witness shows 39-year-old George Harvey lying on the ground after being tased by deputies around 8 p.m. Saturday.

The Richmond County Coroner says Harvey died from cardiac arrest a few minutes after he was tased.

Richmond County Lt. Calvin Chew says the three deputies who were involved are on administrative leave with pay. The GBI is investigating the deputies use of force.

"As part of the investigation we have seized a taser that was issued to the initial deputy. It has been entered into evidence," said GBI Special Agent Patrick Morgan.

He says they're downloading information from the taser to see how many times it was fired.

Witnesses tell Fox54 Harvey was tased four times. Alvera Harvey, his sister, says if that proves true she doesn't see how it could be justified.

"He didn't have a weapon on him or anything on him and to my knowledge he wasn't in the act of committing a crime. So them using that amount of force, I don't see it, especially more than once or twice," said Alvera Harvey.

She says her brother didn't have any heart conditions but he did have numerous felony convictions and she says that may why deputies tried to take him into custody.

"Because they knew he had a criminal record they could've acted on that," Alvera Harvey, said.

GBI officials aren't releasing details about what happened before Harvey's death.

Morgan says the exclusive cell phone video given to Fox54 by Cheryl Otey, who was at the Chevron station when Harvey was tased, will help with the investigation.

He says from the video he determined that Harvey was in handcuffs and leg irons while he was unresponsive.

Harvey's autopsy results are expected to be in Tuesday.

Morgan says they will have information about the use of the taser in several days.

He says they'll turn their findings over to the District Attorney's Office when they finish their investigation in a few weeks.