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Businessman cries foul after city contractor denies bid


A.K. Hasan is an Augusta businessman and he's concerned about the hiring preferences of one of the city's contractors. 

"My business was at the table, we were actually pushed away from it," he said.

Hasan is upset because he says his bid to do electrical work at the Municipal Building wouldn't be considered by Turner Construction. The company has a $40 million dollar contract with the city to renovate the building.

Turner Construction officials say they subcontract 20% minorities or women in other cities.

Hasan says Jennifer Henderson, the project manager, said during a bid meeting that they wouldn't give preference to minorities in Augusta because of a court order.

According to Hasan, after the meeting Henderson undermined his ability to bid by sending him an email that said he wouldn't be accepted because he wasn't qualified for various reasons.

Hasan says her opinions were premature because he was still in the prequalification process.

"We feel that her aggressiveness toward our company our partnership interrupted our ability to put together the type of profile that we needed to," Hasan, said.  

But Turner officials based in Atlanta say he didn't have the correct documentation to prequalify for the job. 

They say they would never consider discriminating against someone based on the color of their skin or their gender.

Turner officials say they've issued a billion dollars in contracts each year for the past seven years to companies owned by minorities and women.

Commissioner Marion Williams is trying to decide if the city needs to get involved.

"All of the taxpayers in Richmond County need to be able to get their fair share of work. But I don't want to say the city is the one that should be doing it because I don't know if they're involved yet," Williams, said.

Hasan believes the city is involved because they're paying Turner Construction millions of dollars.

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