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Augusta Commissioners call actions of garbage contractor 'wrong'

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Several Augusta Commissioners criticized one of the contractors who collects garbage in Augusta during Thursday's commission meeting.

District four Commissioner Alvin Mason says Inland Service Corporation hired a local subcontractor to help win the bid for the job; but once they got the deal they dropped the subcontractor.

"I would frown upon anyone utilizing companies to gain procurement and then cutting them out at the very end. That's just wrong on so many levels," Mason, said.

Mark Johnson oversees the trash collection and he says the discussion belongs in court.

"I understand the commission's sentiment on business practice. The question of legality is for a lawyer or a court," said Johnson.  

Marion Williams, the Commissioner for district nine, believes the contractor would lose the case if it went before a judge.

"They wrote the contract with him in mind in order to get the contract and once they got it they dropped him. So they violated their own contract. In a court of law I think they'd lose that," said Williams.

We called Inland for comment but they haven't returned our phone calls yet.

Johnson says the company may have dropped the local subcontractor because they had to split the contract with Advanced Disposal.

"Inland brought their attorneys forward, who said if we had been awarded the entire contract we would have used all the subs. Is that the case? That's for somebody else to judge," said Johnson.  

Not only does Williams disapprove of the way the deal was handled, but he also criticized the decision to keep the fees the same while cutting the number of pickup days from two to one.

"Something is seriously wrong with that," Williams, said.

Johnson says even though they're picking up trash differently they're still doing their job.

"We're picking up the same amount of trash from the same citizen. We're just doing it in a more effective way," said Johnson.

Williams said, "I disagree with that. This was a bad deal from the beginning."

Johnson says if the city renewed their old garbage collection contract they would have had to start charging people $60 more a year to pick up trash twice a week.

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