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Supporters of re-assigned Greenbrier coach speak out at board meeting


"My son was called into a meeting and relieved of his duties as coach at Greenbrier High School," said Donnie Wilkins, father of former coach Chris Wilkins.

Donnie Wilkins and several other friends and colleagues of re-assigned former Greenbrier High School baseball coach Chris Wilkins went before the Columbia County Board of Education Tuesday night to seek answers about why the coach was removed from his duties and transferred to another school, after the balance from the concession stand didn't match up with sales.

"I just wanted to let everyone know he wasn't a thief," said Robyn Kelley, whose son was coached by Wilkins. "Also for the fact he was transferred to Evans Middle School without his knowledge."

Kelley said she worked the concession stand countless times during Greenbrier games; she said she never saw Wilkins steal money, but it was common practice to give food to people without charging for it or documenting it. As head baseball coach, Wilkins is ultimately responsible for their concession stand.

"We gave away so much food, there were many things we didn't know we were supposed to do," said Kelley.

At one point during the meeting, board members became visibly frustrated with the duration of the discussion.

"Can you wind it up please?" asked Chairwoman Regina Buccafusco.

"Yes, I'm winding it up, I'm very close," responded Donnie Wilkins.

He concluded his speech with a plea to the Board.

"I ask that you correct the injustices; remove the hearsay; and document the unprofessionalism."

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