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Riverwatch Parkway drivers ticketed for speeding due to incorrect signage

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UPDATE: Augusta-Richmond Co. Solicitor General releases statement on Riverwatch Parkway ticketing:

Re:  Citations issued on Riverwatch Parkway


Recently, it has been reported that there were citations issued in an area on Riverwatch Parkway where posted speed signage was incorrect.  In the interest of fairness to all parties involved, citations that were issued to citizens in the affected area will be identified to determine if they need additional review and consideration.  It is important to note that this does not include all citations issued on Riverwatch Parkway, however, we anticipate that those that were issued because of the error will be dismissed.


If you've been ticketed for speeding on a section of Riverwatch Parkway recently, you may want to read closely.

City officials say a contractor working on a section of the Augusta Canal bordering the roadway erroneously marked the speed limit wrong - for months.

"We had no idea that the signs were improperly placed, and that the speed limit was incorrect," said Lt. Calvin Chew with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Chew said deputies have been ticketing drivers in a segment of the Parkway for driving faster than the signed 45mph limit - those markers should have been covered, except in cases when the road was partially closed - the state-set speed limit is 55mph.

"I went and investigated it, made a call, and had it corrected immediately," said Steve Cassell with Augusta's Traffic and Engineering Department.

Cassell said the contractor simply made a mistake, and the issue was corrected earlier this month.

"Moving forward, I hope we don't have another hiccup like this," he said. "You know, there was no danger, I think there was a few tickets out there."

More than a few, says Chew.

"I'm sure the people that got those tickets aren't too happy," said Chew.

And even though Chew said the Sheriff's Office was simply doing their job of traffic enforcement, they're now launching a review of all citations issued on Riverwatch during the past several months.

"The Sheriff in good faith says, 'hey, we can understand a mistake happening,' and so he contacted the Solicitor and they agreed that they would look at each ticket individually," said Chew.

With some tickets costing in excess of $300, that is certainly good news for Riverwatch drivers.

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