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Columbia County home damaged by storms

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"There's gonna be a lot of work that has to be done to the house now," sighs Andrew Jones, as he explained to me the destruction that was wrought on his house overnight.

That certainly isn't an overstatement by the Columbia County homeowner, after strong storms brought multiple trees crashing through his family's roof and into their living room.

Around the front of the house on the street, you don't see just how bad the damage is.

It's around in the back yard where the devastation becomes quite apparent.

"That looks like a mangled mess now," commented Jones, showing me where the trees also crushed his grill.

He shot cell phone video overnight while the storms were still pounding the house. It shows tree limbs poking right through his roof.

"We heard a loud bang," he explained. "All of a sudden, the fish tank explodes. We see a limb sticking through the ceiling. And look over - the roof's caved in, the wall's messed up."

Jones says he has been slowly cutting back the trees in the backyard, but never did he think one could cause damage like this.

"We were kind of scared of it," he explained. "We were trying to get rid of some of the bigger trees. But that takes time and money, something we didn't have at the moment."

And because the rest of their family lives out of state, the Joneses are staying put for now to see what their homeowner's insurance can do.

"Yeah, we're waiting on adjusters now," Jones said. "Hopefully they come through and fix it pretty fast."

Jones says it was always his dream to have a home like this for his family, and his new dream is to rebuild it to its former glory.

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