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Environmental group slams Sen. Graham in television ad

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South Carolina's US Senator Lindsay Graham is the target of a new television ad being put out by Friends of the Earth, an organization proclaiming to be the world's largest grassroots environmental groups.

"If it walks like pork, sounds like pork, it's probably pork," says the television ad.

The group is opposed to a program the Senator supports: the MOX project at the Savanna River Site.

"MOX gives you a way forward, and it becomes commercial grade fuel," said Senator Graham, in a recent Congressional hearing.

The program plans to turn weapons grade plutonium into commercial nuclear reactor fuel, but it comes with a steep price tag. The Government Accountability Office says the plant is $3 Billion over budget, which has caused the cost to balloon to an estimated $7.7 Billion. Senator Graham has responded to the ad, saying "Friends of the Earth is no friend to South Carolina," and insists the project is necessary.

"We have studied this thing to death," he said. "It is now time to get on in getting it built."

MOX is also three years behind schedule, a delay Friends of the Earth wants to make permanent.

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